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Linda McKissack - Regional Owner, Keller Williams- Ohio Valley Region

"Rich Rectors recruiting class was truly the best that has ever been given to our leadership. I recommend it to every Region, with his plan, strategies and scripts to recruit, we set 166 appointments in just 90 minutes and my team was fired up and ready to disrupt!"


Wally Malesh - Former Regional Manager Prudential California/ Past Director CAR and OCAR

“Rich is a first class recruiter, without question he is one of the best in the industry. Rich’s skill as a recruiter is only surpassed by his skill as a coach. If you are interested in moving your recruiting program into the stratosphere, Rich is without question the #1 choice!”

Lee Stern - Regional Director Keller Williams, Utah

"Our 7 offices hired 77 agents in the last 60 days since graduating Rich Rectors Recruiting Camp – we have averaged 11 hires per office! We practiced new scripts. We made actual appointments on the spot. Rich broke down the recruiting presentation and taught us how to close throughout the presentation. He helped us fine tune our needs analysis which increased our closing ratio. We are all very excited to begin our regional coaching calls. We know you will fine tune us even further and hold us accountable to our numbers!"

Jeff Adamson - Team Leader, Destin, Florida 

"In 2018 I grossed 238 recruits and this year have been averaging 22 recruits per month!"

Steven Jones - Team Leader, Maple Grove, Minnesota

"With great scripts, role play, and coaching, we had 794 recruiting appointments in the last 12 months!"

Sara Stephens - Team Leader Nashville, Tennessee

"Coaching challenges me to think bigger, break through ceilings and run the proven plays that have enabled our team to accomplish more than we ever thought possible. I hired 212 agents last year and on track for 264 hires this year."

Jessica Fox - Team Leader, Palm Harbor Florida

"Coaching keeps me focused on what matters most so that I continue to grow and get better and better. Rich Rector provides direction and resources so that I don't waste time and eliminate any learning curve, while encouraging me when I hit ceilings and challenges so that I don't lose my Mojo or burn out. After each call I feel recharged, refocused and ready to take on what is next. I'm really grateful to have Rich as my coach. I recruited 241 agents in the last 12 months" 

Genevra Collins - Assistant Team Leader, Overland Park, Kansas

"Learning the psychology of recruiting has been a game changer for me understanding how the needs analysis works identifying pain and the gap has helped me recruit more agents. Last year we recruited 180 agents and this year have been averaging 19 recruits per month!"

Veronica Barefield - Team Leader, Spring, Texas

"Coaching has been a huge success to my business growth. With his help, my team and I recruited 162 agents last year. I truly appreciate the accountability going over the four conversations and the resources Rich has to help myself and my team grow!"

Austin Pothast - Team Leader Novi, Michigan

"Coaching with Rich Rector, I’ve been able to recruit over $60 million production and grow our company dollar over $130,000. In the last 12 months I’ve recruited 168 agents and we’ve been the number 1 recruiting office in the region 2 years in a row. Coaching works!"

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